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For previous Thursday Thoughts, click here and here. Food Thoughts:

  • Man, oh, man have I tried some great recipes from the blog world lately. Some of my favourites? This mac 'n' cheese, this Samoa protein shake, this copycat WF salad...amazing.
  • I am super looking forward to my birthday weekend trip to Seattle with the bestie this weekend. Not just for the trip but also for the chance to scour US supermarket aisles for food products we can't get this side of the border (it's weird what I get excited about). Like finally picking up some of this Arctic Zero protein ice cream I've been hearing about...!

This is a new series I *thought* about introducing and then decided I'd give it a try. What the heck, right? Basically, there are often thoughts or ideas I have that I want to share but they aren't worthy of an entire blog post (no one wants to read a whole post on my thoughts on the Vampire Diaries season finale!). So I thought I'd wrap up these thoughts in a Thursday Thoughts column - it might not happen every week, but just when I have something to say. I guess it's kind of a "Miscellaneous" post. Just like my monthly goal setting posts, this is not designed to be a post where I just spew my thoughts out and let them sit there. I want to hear from YOU! It's about creating a dialogue - as I hope my goal setting encourages you to set your own goals, I want to hear your thoughts on things I'm pondering too!