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This is a new series I *thought* about introducing and then decided I'd give it a try. What the heck, right? Basically, there are often thoughts or ideas I have that I want to share but they aren't worthy of an entire blog post (no one wants to read a whole post on my thoughts on the Vampire Diaries season finale!). So I thought I'd wrap up these thoughts in a Thursday Thoughts column - it might not happen every week, but just when I have something to say. I guess it's kind of a "Miscellaneous" post. Just like my monthly goal setting posts, this is not designed to be a post where I just spew my thoughts out and let them sit there. I want to hear from YOU! It's about creating a dialogue - as I hope my goal setting encourages you to set your own goals, I want to hear your thoughts on things I'm pondering too!

Source I don't profess to be an expert at running. And one thing I've never been is a long-distance runner. When I say long-distance, I'm being a bit generous to myself. In truth, I'm not even a medium distance runner. I did a 10K back in April (yay for the Vancouver Sun Run!) and that was the longest I have ever run. 10Ks are my marathons :). I'm happy to do one every now and again but prefer to stick to 5Ks if I have the choice. I haven't been running much lately, as I injured my knee earlier this year and I have been advised by many doctors to avoid running and pursue other forms of exercise which are gentler on the body, so I tend to get my cardio from intense flow yoga classes or from incline walks on the treadmill or intervals on the gym's cardio machines rather than running.