7 simple healthy habits to work into your daily routine

My clients often tell me that they can picture the life they want to live but struggle to make the changes needed to get to that place, while still managing their full-time job/family care/social life/extra-curricular obligations/all of the above. My usual response is that we cannot expect change overnight, and we cannot expect our minds…
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Rock cakes/fruit scones – GF option, refined sugar-free option

Has lockdown got you baking, too? I have long turned to either baking or cleaning when I am stressed. It's something about creating order and something clean, beautiful or tasty out of chaos that helps me feel a little calmer and less at sea. So far I have been very aware of all that is…
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#YourHealthyReads: A dive into what I have been reading so far in 2020

The short summary of what I have been reading is: a bit of everything! From celebrity memoirs (Jessica Simpson, I admire your honesty and authenticity) to long-awaited sequels that are more relevant now than ever (yup, The Testaments was truly worth the wait) to self-help books, I started 2020 off strong in my reading goals.…
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