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While I am certified to assist with nutritional needs of any kind, in my nine years of practice my clients have largely fallen into three buckets:

You are struggling to lose or gain weight

Is emotional eating preventing you from reaching your healthy weight?

Prices start at $500 US per month (2 x one-on-one coaching sessions per month and digital check-ins)

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Usually the problem here is not discipline or the wrong diet plan, but emotional eating.

We have too many rules around food and we are trying too hard to push through with sheer willpower. What we need is to take a step back, repair our relationship with food and eat in accordance with our body’s needs.

It sounds complicated or airy-fairy, but it’s not – it’s my job to make it easy for you. I have a number of tools to help you crack this.

If it sounds like an investment to spend $500 a month, it is. This is an investment in your health and your future. But add up all the money you spend on diet plans, health foods, gym memberships…has any of it worked? Likely not, because the issue is an internal one, not external.

Working with me, we will root out that internal issue from the core and get you thriving without restrictions, and without massive fluctuations in your weight.

Support for eating disorder recovery

Are you working towards recovery from an eating disorder and want help resetting your relationship with food?

Contact me and we can have a free, no-commitment chat to determine if we are a good fit to work together.

Prices start at $500 US per month (2 x one-on-one coaching sessions per month and digital check-ins).

It is so difficult to maintain a healthy relationship with food in this day and age – just look at the images and messages we are bombarded with from our friends, the media, and often at home as well.

While I require clients to be working with a licensed therapist if they have been diagnosed with an eating disorder, I am happy to work with you as part of a holistic treatment plan to focus on the behaviours and approaches to food to help restore healthy habits. If you struggle with disordered eating but have not received a clinical diagnosis of an eating disorder, I can also help.

You don’t need to struggle with this alone or feel confined by an unhealthy relationship to food any longer.

Nutritional guidance for every diet

Do you want to learn more about what a healthy and satisfying way to eat is for your body?

Contact me if you are interested in learning more about nutrition in a healthy way mentally and physically.

Prices start at $150 US per session.

If you want guidance on learning more about food, nutrition and how to eat in a way that feels healthy, satisfying and intuitive, let’s work together!

This coaching is a little more practical than psychological, with recipes and guidance for how to eat well in the busy-ness of day-to-day life. However, we will also address ways in which you can eat in a way that is more aligned with your cravings rather than in spite of them, so that this does not become another diet plan that you try to force yourself to follow.

Client Testimonials

Working with Anna has truly changed the way I view food. Now I can sit down to a meal and enjoy it without thinking of calories and carbs and whether or not I will feel guilty or not. It really is like having freedom for the first time! Thank you to Anna for all that she has done for me; she's knowledgeable, patient, kind and understanding and that makes it so easy to do this work with her.



I've been trying multiple protein muffin recipes but each one of them have turned out super hard and super dry and when I came across Anna's recipe, I knew it would be hard and dry but the protein content! And low-carb! I went right in to my kitchen and got to work. I tried the double chocolate protein muffins first and whoa! They were: moist, taste insanely delicious, high-protein, low-carb. I have to try the other flavours! And I did, the banana nut was an instant hit in my house even though my family does not like whey protein and my mom hates banana but she loved it! Apple maple walnut was an instant hit with my physio! He's asked for more. Now I'm spending all my time in the kitchen trying Anna's recipes from her book 🙂 I'm waiting for you to come up with cookies and biscottis as well, please?



When I first started working with Anna, I knew I needed to nourish my body and gain weight in order to sustain my health. Although I wanted to help my body move toward a healthy place, I felt dominated by calorie counting and habitual notions of when and what to eat, without listening to my body's needs. Within our first conversation, Anna assuaged my fears and I instantly trusted her to guide me on a personal journey toward a healthier place. Her calming and supportive attitude, coupled with her expertise and knowledge around healthy foods and frames of mind, has been invaluable in letting me navigate this journey in a way that feels tailored to my experience and desired pace.


New York City

I loved working with Anna on coming up with a rota of healthy meals I feel confident feeding my family and yet are easy to prep in advance or cook when I get home from work. My husband helps too and we all feel nourished but not stressed by the idea of dinnertime now!


Cayman Islands

Anna was super friendly and warm so I felt comfy opening up about my struggles. I really appreciated how she listened and helped me reframe my thoughts so food wasn't so scary and I understood how to approach eating with a healthier mindframe.



Coaching wasn't something I was super familiar with and I was a bit curious about it when I started, but I was pleasantly surprised. Everything Anna has shown me has helped me change habits for good and now, six months after I finished coaching, I feel like I still make good decisions and feel empowered about my health.



Put yourself first - today.

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