June 2012

You knew it was coming..! I ended last week with a protein waffle recipe so I thought, why not make it 2 for 2? Seeing as how I'm totally obsessed with protein waffles right now. I previewed this beauty in WIAW this week, as I've been having one for breakfast gee...uh...nearly every day! This was a guest post I wrote for Char on Wednesday, so I'm now posting it up here in case you missed it!

For previous Thursday Thoughts, click here and here. Food Thoughts:

  • Man, oh, man have I tried some great recipes from the blog world lately. Some of my favourites? This mac 'n' cheese, this Samoa protein shake, this copycat WF salad...amazing.
  • I am super looking forward to my birthday weekend trip to Seattle with the bestie this weekend. Not just for the trip but also for the chance to scour US supermarket aisles for food products we can't get this side of the border (it's weird what I get excited about). Like finally picking up some of this Arctic Zero protein ice cream I've been hearing about...!

I love granola bars, but I do not need yet another snack option that just offers me pure carbs. So I decided to try and make protein granola bars, basing my recipe off of my favourite granola, my Healthy Peanut Butter Honey Granola. The rules were strict:

  • As with my protein muffins, keep it around 100 cals a bar
  • Have at least 7g of protein
  • And under 15g of carbs
  • Use whole grains
  • Allow for yummy add-ins (chocolate chips, I'm talking to you!)

I got a waffle maker last weekend (on sale for $19.99 in Target on my US trip - I couldn't resist!). Since then I've been going to town, playing around with some protein waffle recipes. I have a delicious vegan chocolate chip protein waffle recipe that I am putting the final touches on and should have soon. For now, though I want to offer up this, inspired by Katie's delicious Banana Bread Protein Waffles recipe.