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Welcome to Your Healthy Place! My name is Anna and I am here to change your life. A big statement, but it’s true. I help women lose weight by reclaiming their lives, and gaining freedom from food. If you have been struggling to lose those last 10 pounds – or perhaps a lot more – for what feels like forever, and you suspect the issue could be your emotions, reach out!

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And because I don’t expect you to want to work with a total stranger, here’s a bit about me and what you can expect to find on, from my travels to healthy recipes I whip up in my kitchen to books I recommend to testimonials from previous clients I’ve worked with – read on!


I was born and raised in the Cayman Islands, which is where I live now. I have also spent time living in England and Canada and I love nothing more than to travel! Between my day job working in digital marketing and public relations and my “passion job” of health coaching, life is pretty busy, but I make sure I carve out time to go out for amazing meals, catch the sunsets and explore the stunning island on which I live. I also try to get away regularly for vacations to visit different destinations and catch up with family and friends all over the world.

If you are interested in learning more about my life in Cayman, my cooking exploits and travels, follow along with the blog or check out my Instagram feed. If you are curious about working with me, send me a message.

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