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**NEW! Download this workout using the link at the end of this post! Gym workouts are just two of the six workouts I do per week at the moment. Each week, I do:

  • two yoga classes (hot, hatha, flow, yin, Pilates - whatever I feel I need on that day)
  • two dance-based classes
  • two gym workouts
This is working out well for me because it's keeping each exercise new and fresh enough that I'm never getting bored.

Did that get your attention? :) We all know that spot training - i.e. working out a specific muscular area of the body in order to lose weight in that area - doesn't work. You can't control where your body loses its fat - it comes off as it wants to (there is research showing that the last place we gained weight is the first place it will come off and that's always proven true for me). Some people notice they gain and lose weight in one specific area - like their thighs, or butt. I have always gained weight fairly evenly all over - which as much as that sounds like a good thing, it's not really, because you can't camouflage all over, haha.

How's your week going peeps? It's Thursday so it's nearly TGIF - just hang in there! That photo has nothing to do with this post except to show you that I'm having fun with my new camera - and to show you how cute Ben, one of my 3 ginger boys, is! As part of my cleanse I've been really revamping my fitness routine. I wanted to go all out for this cleanse and my regime was due for an overhaul anyway - your body gets used to the same exercise really fast, so it is essential to keep switching things up! It was a goal of mine for this month and I achieved it - yay! Rather than doing a ton of yoga interspersed with some gym cardio/weight circuits, I've taken on some dance classes (an old goal of mine that I finally completed!)