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Hi all! I'm (hopefully!) in the air as you read this (yup, I'm flying Continental!) and will be home tonight. Keeping you going for my last day of vacay is the wonderful Brittany over at Itty Bits of Balance. I love her positive, fun posts and healthy outlook on exercise and diet, which she has achieved through her own experiences and trials. Here she gives you an intro into her background and blog and some great workouts that ensure you make the most of your time in the gym! Enjoy and see you real soon! Anna xx :)

Photo from April Taylor via Pinterest There was a lot of baking going on last week (ooh let's see...sour cream bundt cake anyone? Chocolate chip cookies? Apple walnut cake? Or how about some pumpkin cream cheese muffins? Yeah. A lot of baking.) If, like me, you overindulged a bit last week (or a lot)...or, like me, you live in Canada and are currently indulging seeing as today is Canadian Thanksgiving!!!, then you need this workout. As I said in my last circuit workout post, circuit training helps keep me interested in the gym. Particularly as rainy days start closing in, I'm less interested in outdoor workouts, and while I love my yoga, I like to vary things up a bit with some strength training and cardio in the gym.