March 2012

Source Spring fashion is ALL about the brights. From electric shades of pink, yellow and orange to vibrant hues of blue (I am in LOVE with the shade of Kim K's skirt, above) and green - your favourite colour is bound to be hot this spring so embrace it - wear it with pride! For me, it's all about the shade of colours. I LOVE mustard yellow but can't wear it at all. I have a yellow undertone to my skin, so between that and my blonde hair, I look like one giant yellow nightmare with mustard yellow. If I'm going to wear yellow it has to be a brighter shade. Similarly, I can't wear pastel anything - it just washes me out. It's better on those with paler skin and fairer complexions than me.

Hi all! I'm (hopefully!) in the air as you read this (yup, I'm flying Continental!) and will be home tonight. Keeping you going for my last day of vacay is the wonderful Brittany over at Itty Bits of Balance. I love her positive, fun posts and healthy outlook on exercise and diet, which she has achieved through her own experiences and trials. Here she gives you an intro into her background and blog and some great workouts that ensure you make the most of your time in the gym! Enjoy and see you real soon! Anna xx :)

Ali is one of the sweetest bloggers I know. She's a devoted mom and wife who has taken a really proactive stance to healing her family through the foods they eat. I have so much respect for her and the effort and time she dedicates to her loved ones. It is so obvious how much she cares about her family, friends and blogging!  She also lives in New Zealand, which makes it extra fun because we get to hear about summer when it's winter and vice, versa. Having been raised on an island so close to the equator, I always love hearing about experiences both north and south and the crazy weather and seasonal changes that brings! I won't blab on any longer but rather will introduce Ali, whose warm and kind spirit I am sure you will sense in this post. Show her some love! Anna xx Hi everyone, I am so excited to be posting for Anna while she is away on holiday. When Anna asked me to guest post for her, I would love to say I replied with cool calm collectedness. Alas no. I may or may not have jumped up and down and clapped my hands, and I may or may not have squeaked with excitement and rang most of my friends. For me, this is a highlight of my journey over the last few years.

I'm delighted to introduce Kristine from Busy But Healthy for today's guest post! Kristine lives in the Vancouver area as well and I discovered her blog fairly recently. We have similar eating habits (sticking with high-protein snacks as often as possible, and baking with unrefined sweeteners only). I love her blog as she always provides something different and interesting to read, and she recently announced she's expecting her second child, so she's one busy lady (as indicated by her blog title!). I was so excited to ask Kristine to guest post for me as I know that with her fitness background she will have an awesome workout for you guys. And sure enough, she does - enjoy! Anna :)