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If you need a quick go-to meal for your midweek slump (or any-day slump!), look no further. As I mentioned in my meal planning post for on-the-go eating, the easiest way to approach dinner when you're well and truly stumped, is to stop thinking in terms of names. You know, "I need to have Spaghetti Carbonara" or "I need to have Mushroom Risotto". Dishes with names require recipes and that can all get a bit much when we're busy and rushing around, right? In these moments, I just turn to my Build-a-Bowls.

Ah, Tupperware. Our best friend. I have written previously about meal planning and grocery shopping here. This post is a bit different. This post will take the basic building block formula of a healthy meal:

and show you how to achieve this when you're a busy, on-the-go professional, often living alone or at least making vegetarian/vegan food for just yourself (those of you with meat-eating partners, I'm talking to you!).

Source There are lots of bloggers who have done a post on this before, and everyone has a slightly different approach. All I have to say is, if you are planning your meals then you're already ahead of the game - it doesn't really matter how you plan, so long as you are planning (see the benefits of meal planning here)! Having said that, I had some requests for a meal planning post so I'm happy to share my method! (There's also a PDF planning template at the end of this post that I created for you - yeah, I know, thank me later ;)).