April 2012

As the weather is getting warmer my breakfast tastes are moving away from my many oatmeal loves towards something a little - well, cooler. I've always been a cereal fan but I have been on a great kick lately of incorporating healthy fats and proteins in my diet and cereal only tends to give me ... well, carbs. So in the spirit of keeping my good ol' macronutrient balance on the right track, I set about with the task of making a healthy granola.

Are you guys still with me on this? We're finishing up Week 4, and I will have one final post next week to capture the remaining few photos between now and then. I've really enjoyed doing the challenge so far and am definitely thinking about doing May's, though I wouldn't do update posts every week - probably just one at the end of the month. Don't want to inundate you guys with these when they're all over my Instagram, Facebook and Twitter feeds anyway!

This is another young adult book - as those of you have read my blog for a while know, because I write young adult I prefer to read that in my spare time too as it helps me 'keep up' with my genre. I actually heard about this on Peas and Crayons, when Jenn said she was going to be picking this book up next. I am always intrigued to hear about new YA novels so I instantly Googled it and it was intrigued by the premise: Told through the eyes of teenager Samantha Kingston, the book begins with her being killed in a car accident on the way home from a party (this is not a spoiler; this is what the whole book is based on). We then follow Sam as she wakes up for the next seven days only to relive her last day over and over again in a kind of morbid Groundhog Day scenario.