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Vacation Time! Plus a Beach-Prep Workout!

I’m in the air as you read this (well, possibly. I don’t know when you’re reading this after all!)

But yes, today I am headed home for two weeks in the sun. I haven’t been home in two years, as last year my big vacation was to England to see my grandmother and extended family. But Cayman has been calling my name for a long time and finally I get to answer it!

Yup, that photo above is the beautiful Seven Mile Beach (which is actually six miles, but ‘seven’ apparently sounded better!) that runs along the western coast of my tiny island haven. It’s beautiful and fantastic for walking, running etc. I plan on doing a lot of paddle boarding, kayaking, diving, beach strolling and some yoga at a studio back home run by a couple of friends of mine.

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Seeing as I’ll be spending a lot of time on the beach, I figured let’s stick with that theme and do a beach-prep workout. Hey, I know it’s not summer yet, but we’re around Spring Break time and a lot of people are jetting off. And if you’re not – hey, the earlier you prepare the more ready you will be come summertime, right?

Key areas to focus on for a bikini body:

Yeah, that pretty much sounds like everywhere, which makes sense anyway seeing as spot training really doesn’t work.

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So let’s just do another of my favourite workouts ever – circuits! That way we tackle everything, while keeping our heart rate high enough to burn off some fat too :).

This one is focused on supersets – two exercises done back to back with no rest. We’ll alternate between upper/lower body supersets.

NOTE: This is a challenging and long workout. It can take a good hour at least. If you want a quicker or easier workout, repeat supersets twice instead of three times and/or do upper body supersets one day and lower body supersets the next!

For all dumbbell exercises, choose whatever weight challenges you. Do each superset 3 times consecutively, without rest. Rest 30 seconds-1 minute between supersets.


Cardio machine of choice for 5-10 minutes.

SUPERSET 1 (shoulders):

SUPERSET 2 (quads):

SUPERSET 3 (triceps):

SUPERSET 4 (hamstrings):

SUPERSET 5 (biceps):

SUPERSET 6 (glutes):

SUPERSET 7 (chest):

SUPERSET 8 (outer/inner thighs):

SUPERSET 9 (back):

SUPERSET 10 (abs):

Cool down and stretch.

Caucasian young adult woman jumping on beach.

Download this workout in an easy take-to-the-gym PDF here: Beach-Prep Superset Workout!


  • Do you use supersets much in your circuit workouts?