Anna Wootton

Healthy Snacks for Back to School (or Back to Work!)

Whether you just took August off for summer vacation or you have a house full of kids getting ready to go back to school in the coming weeks, it’s time to take a look at ways you can keep them nourished and fuelled throughout the day that includes whole foods, no blood sugar dips and spikes and tasty treats.

I’ve put together some of my most popular snack recipes to ensure you have all you need to help yourself or your kids hit the books hard this coming academic year!

Everything in here is quick to make, easy to transport in a Tupperware or a sandwich bag, and nourishing – even the treats are made with natural sweeteners so as to avoid sugary spikes, there’s gluten-free options and all are vegetarian.

On-the-Go Fuel:

No mess to eat and quick fuel bites – these are great to pop into a sandwich bag and provide an energy boost late afternoon.

Savoury Bites:

If you err towards the savoury, or just need a break from sweets, these make for great snacks or together packed into a bento box they make a complete meal that’s nutritious and delicious!

Sweet Treats:

Fruit and chocolate – a simple yet satisfying treat!

These treats will get you that 3pm energy crash without the need for sugar.