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It's US Thanksgiving this week so I'm sure, as usual, many of my friends to the south are getting ready to wear their stretchy pants. However, there's no need to wear your stretchy pants if you're equipped with some healthy eating strategies to ensure that you don't go overboard during the holidays. Thanksgiving and other holidays are almost always linked to overeating, and that's why people go into 'food comas' after the meal, or require elastic waistbands, or gain weight during the holiday season.

Source You know, even though I live in Vancouver, Canada, and we celebrate our Thanksgiving in October, I never feel in the Thanksgiving spirit until the American one rolls around. Weird how that works. I guess it's the power of marketing! The American Thanksgiving is marketed a lot more than the Canadian one, even in Canada! Probably this has something to do with good ol' Black Friday. Thanksgiving, of course, is about so much more than just the amazing deals. It's a time to be grateful for all that you have and are blessed with. This is something we could stand to do more than once a year, but at least once a year it's accompanied by amazing food too!