November 2012

I threw everything I love - that is healthy - into this recipe and came out with a winner. It was one of those that miraculously turned out right the first time (this almost never happens, trust me) and I love that it has exactly what I love in a baked good:

  • delicious and familiar banana bread flavour
  • moist consistency (people have to get over their issue with that word)
  • rich chocolatey taste (who doesn't love chocolate)
  • high in protein, relatively low in whole grain carbs
  • naturally sweetened

It's US Thanksgiving this week so I'm sure, as usual, many of my friends to the south are getting ready to wear their stretchy pants. However, there's no need to wear your stretchy pants if you're equipped with some healthy eating strategies to ensure that you don't go overboard during the holidays. Thanksgiving and other holidays are almost always linked to overeating, and that's why people go into 'food comas' after the meal, or require elastic waistbands, or gain weight during the holiday season.

I had one of those yoga classes today that I just HATED. Halfway through the class, I was just wishing evil on the teacher. I was so mad at her for 'lying', I was so mad at the class for not matching its description - my muscles were screaming, I was hot and I needed a scapegoat. Around the halfway point, I had a little 'aha' moment.