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Who said pie has to always be sweet? No, I know, most of you like sweet pie. Hey, I like sweet pie (see the end of this post for more on that)! But I also love my veggies. This recipe PACKS in the veggies. Big time packs them in. That's why it has to have such a long name - because it just can't decide which veggie to promote the most (I know, lentils are technically pulses, but...potato potahto...)

We had some guests around on Saturday night for dinner and as it is finally summer on the west coast and we're enjoying some warm days, I didn't want to be in the kitchen too long cooking. So I made my go-to quick dish that still impresses, because the flavours are so intense: a quiche. In fact, I made two quiches, a gruyere, leek and roasted red pepper quiche which I had never even road-tested before, and a mushroom goat cheese quiche that I have made in the past and that I blogged about over on Guiltless & Gourmet (click here to read it; I will be transferring my posts to this blog one by one so that recipe will also appear on The Guiltless Life at some point in the near future!).