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I had one of those yoga classes today that I just HATED. Halfway through the class, I was just wishing evil on the teacher. I was so mad at her for 'lying', I was so mad at the class for not matching its description - my muscles were screaming, I was hot and I needed a scapegoat. Around the halfway point, I had a little 'aha' moment.

Do you love hot yoga? Have you ever tried it? I find people either fall into three categories when the topic of hot yoga is brought up. They either react with:

  • passion (they love it! They're obsessed with it!)
  • hate (they tried it! They hated it!)
  • fear (they want to maybe try it! But they think they will die!)
Haha, sorry about the exclamation marks. Just trying to show that people tend to be fairly passionate on this subject ;). I thought I'd do a quick hot yoga survival tips post. This is mainly for those who haven't tried it and are fearful of it, but it could also be helpful for those who did try one class and hated it - maybe I can persuade you to try again? And I already know that those who LOVE hot yoga will be right alongside me cheering, so this post is a given for them ;).