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I love having a breakfast that feels like a treat. Although I can't handle a lot of sweetness in the mornings, I do like to start off my day with something that feels indulgent yet something that I know is good for me. Usually that comes in the form of whole grains, healthy fats and protein. I am still in love with my banana protein pancakes and vegan pumpkin protein pancakes, which use the same base recipe. So I took that recipe and adjusted it slightly to go even more indulgent...chocolate chip protein pancakes. Ooh yeah.

For my non-vegan pumpkin protein pancakes (amped up using cottage cheese), click here. These pancakes are for my vegan friends who need a much-needed protein punch, as I always do. My banana protein pancakes were pretty darn popular (well, with me anyway, don't know about you guys!) and I adapted the recipe slightly to incorporate one of the blog world's favourite ingredients - pumpkin. Who cares if it's nearly spring? Pumpkin is appropriate year-round in the blog world. It's low in calories, high in vitamin A, and just a killer food to pack all kinds of nutrients into your day. Great way to start the day off right, plus - well, yeah, it's pretty darn delicious.

An ongoing battle with me and my diet is ensuring I get enough protein. This might be a common issues among vegetarians and vegans, but my naturopath has advised me to go for a balance of 150g or so of carbs per day with 55-65g protein and up to 50g of healthy fats. I am under on both fats and protein fairly consistently. Luckily, I'm not TOO low on protein (often falling around 50g), but one surefire way to power up my day is to start my day off with a good dose of protein. On my naturopath's recommendation, I have started stirring half a scoop of protein powder into my morning oatmeal. And my favourite part about this protein need is incorporating these beauties into my diet as often as possible!