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I've mentioned before that I write in my spare time, so I thought I would dedicate a post to my writing journey, for those of you interested or for fellow writers. No doubt this post will bore the life out of a lot of you, but hopefully it resonates with someone out there! Since I was seven years old, I have written stories, poems, books. I wrote 10-page long books on my mom's electronic typewriter (that's right, even before we had a computer! And I'm only 26, people - this was in 1992). The books were called The Shooting Stars, based on my group of friends and me. In the books, my friends and I formed a "club" called The Shooting Stars. We had really, really tame adventures (hey, I was seven!). As in: the plot of a book would cover how we met up after school to go for milkshakes and talk about what to wear to school the next day. And I think my characters were aged 12 or so and I thought that was so oldĀ in my little seven-year-old mind.