Grand Cayman Tag

How was everyone's April's Fool Day yesterday? No one got 'punked' too badly? It's so good to be back! Back to reading my favourite blogs and posting on the regular :). Hope you guys enjoyed some of the fab guest posts I had while away - many thanks to the guest posters:

I thought I'd just do a post with some photos from my vacay (apologies in advance that there aren't many people in the pics - I was able to convince my mom and my sister to let me post a couple of them but on the whole, people don't want their pictures blasted all over the Internet, which I get! So I put some with me in to keep it interesting, but otherwise it's just pretty scenery!).

I've mentioned before that I write in my spare time, so I thought I would dedicate a post to my writing journey, for those of you interested or for fellow writers. No doubt this post will bore the life out of a lot of you, but hopefully it resonates with someone out there! Since I was seven years old, I have written stories, poems, books. I wrote 10-page long books on my mom's electronic typewriter (that's right, even before we had a computer! And I'm only 26, people - this was in 1992). The books were called The Shooting Stars, based on my group of friends and me. In the books, my friends and I formed a "club" called The Shooting Stars. We had really, really tame adventures (hey, I was seven!). As in: the plot of a book would cover how we met up after school to go for milkshakes and talk about what to wear to school the next day. And I think my characters were aged 12 or so and I thought that was so oldĀ in my little seven-year-old mind.