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Source Happy December! It's the start of Advent. The start of chocolate Advent calendars...you know, for those of us that still get those (*looks away sheepishly). Look, there's no harm in indulging during the holiday season. None whatsoever! And even less harm if you're countering it with some quality workouts. I also get that things get busy at this time of year, so it hopefully works well that, this week, not a single workout will be longer than half an hour (except for the yoga classes, but even then you can do an online yoga class and stop at the half-hour point if you're really time crunched!). Let's get right into Week 3 of your 5K running plan! (Click here for Week 1 and Week 2.)

Source Happy Thanksgiving to all my American friends! I hope you're relaxing and enjoying your holiday. When you come back, you might be in more need of this running plan than ever - just saying...I know how those Thanksgiving meals can get ;). So we pick up our running plan (5 weeks to a 5K!) for Week 2. Click here for Week 1. As I said before, you can take longer than a week to stay at each level before progressing. Don't stress! Take it at your own pace.