December 2011

Hey peeps! If you stuck with me this week kudos to you (See Parts 1, 2 and 3). I promise this is the last Christmas post! And dare I say the best, because it is a dessert recipe, after all? :) But yes, I am trying to cram everything into one post here. It's my last post of 2011, so why not cover all of my categories (okay, I admit, there will be no MOVE fitness post here, but just remember to dance your booty off on NY Eve and that just about covers it, right?) So let's get going with the first, NOURISH: Oh how I wish I had not sold my camera right before Christmas simply for this cheesecake. I could have photographed it SO much better with a proper dSLR instead of my iPhone. I would have set up my lightbox and everything, but I just had no time on Christmas Day, so this is the only picture you're getting!

Onto the big meal! For the appetizer posts click here and here. There is no way to really make this meal look pretty, unfortunately. Most traditional roast dinners are a bunch of veg, potatoes and meat smushed together on a plate and covered with gravy. Because we were hosting non-vegetarians and because my mom is a traditionalist at heart, we went with the traditional roast dinner, just subbing out the meat for a nut loaf that I made (and this is NOT your average blah nut loaf, I promise!). That way my mom could have all her sides, her cranberry sauce, her gravy, and our guests could see that Christmas Day doesn't have to be so different just because you're vegetarian.

Yesterday I covered the appetizers I made in advance - which was most of them, as I was making the whole Christmas Day meal on the day, so all the better to get the appetizers out of the way! However, I left the dips for the crispy quinoa cakes, pita chips, crudites, olives and other snackeroos to the day of so they'd be ultra fresh! The trio of dips I laid out (you can see them in the top right corner of the picture below) were, from left, naturally-sweetened cranberry sauce (this was also served with the meal), vegan garlic aioli and vegan roasted red pepper sauce (click for the recipe, as it was previously posted).

As you may remember, my camera was sold on eBay before Christmas and so all of my Christmas pics were taken with my iPhone (my new camera is on its way; I bought it in the online Boxing Day sales - yay!) I love the iPhone 4S camera - it's great quality - but it's just so sensitive to movement I can't get anything but shaky pics. The best I can do is something that looks sharp in small, but as soon as I blow it up I am majorly disappointed, so any suggestions would be welcomed!