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I heart these cookies! I know that is the lamest pun ever, but it's still true so I thought I'd say it anyway. If you can't decide between your favourite treats this Valentine's Day, why should you? Just go with both! This is actually two entirely separate recipes, that can be made entirely separately, eaten separately etc. For the sake of presentation - and because these two flavours go AMAZINGLY well together - I put one heart inside another for the best value two-for-one you'll see this Valentine's Day! Yup, peanut butter and chocolate heart cookies.

The Great Food Blogger Cookie Swap 2011 - the first year of this cookie swap devised by Lindsay of Love and Olive Oil and Julie of The Little Kitchen - is now coming to an end! Today is the day we post our cookie recipes and link them all up at Lindsay's and Julie's link party and we wash our hands of it. But it was so much fun! They promise us there will be another next year - I sure hope so. This one was wildly popular - I think the end count of sign-ups was over 600 and although they originally planned it to be open to the US and Canada only, it ended up being in several other countries too - I don't have all the stats but I'm sure Lindsay or Julie will post them. This was one impressive swap!