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I love bundt cakes - that is probably evident due to the fact that this is my third bundt cake recipe on this blog already (out of only five cake recipes - one of which is a cupcake recipe...yikes!). Click here for my orange sour cream bundt cake and here for my chocolate bundt cake. But they just look so much more appetizing in that perfect round shape, and you can get so many more servings out of a bundt cake, so they're better for you, right? Smaller portions and all...?

So on our recent road trip (blogged about here and here), we were staying with my parents' friends, Alan and Ann, who live in the Okanagan. However, Ann was on holiday in England at the time of our visit so Alan welcomed us but did say he couldn't promise any fancy dinners as he wasn't really much of a cook. We were racking our brains to think of a thank you gift to take him for letting us stay. Wine was pointless as he lives within walking distance of some of the best wineries in the province, and chocolates and flowers are always a bit odd to take to a man - depending on the guy, of course :). We bought dinner and a bottle of wine once we were there to show our appreciation but we didn't want to turn up empty handed. So, seeing as he was alone with few culinary goodies to keep him company, I baked him some muffins. At least then he'd have breakfast!