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April Photo-a-Day Challenge – Join Me?

I’m always running late, so it doesn’t surprise me that I’m late to this party too.

For months I’ve seen these Photo-a-Day challenges flitting about, first on Pinterest and then, as bloggers began to take part more and more, I saw them popping up all over my Twitter and Instagram feeds.

The idea? There’s a word or phrase for each day of the month, and you have to photograph something that represents that word or phrase to you.

It’s certainly a way to get more creative, and if I wanted to really go for this I would use my SLR and use it as a great opportunity to challenge my photography skills. However, I have to be realistic – photographing something every day with my proper camera is just not going to happen. My iPhone will no doubt be taking the majority of these pictures. However, I will do my best to bust out the camera for at least a few of these tasks so that I can get some extra practice in. After all, getting more creative with my photography is a goal of mine for this month.

So a quick Google search will bring up a few different April photo challenges, but I’m going to be taking part in this one, by fat mum slim.

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Will you join me? Every Thursday I will do a round-up post featuring my shots from the past week. If you follow me on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram, you will most likely have seen some of these already, but it’s just a fun way to put them all in one spot and create a fun ‘photo scrapbook’ I can look back on. So I encourage you to do the same!

If you’re a blogger, consider doing weekly or biweekly or even monthly round-ups featuring your pictures, and link to them in the comments below! Or just tweet me your photos or drop them on my Facebook wall. I can’t wait to see what we can all come up with, and what each command means to each person!

Let’s make April an uber-creative month!

April 1st – your reflection

A photo of my reflection in a photo frame…(a little warped, but that’s the fun of it, right?)

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April 2nd – colour

My favourite colour – what’s yours?

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April 3rd – mail

I got my custom 11-inch MacBook Air cover that I ordered from Etsy! Isn’t it a beauty? And do you know how hard it is to find a cover for the 11-inch Air? Jeez…!

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April 4th – someone who makes you happy

With a face like this, how could he not make you happy? 🙂

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  • Do you take part in these Photo-a-Day Challenges?
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