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For Week 1's pictures, click here. As I said last week, I decided to come late to the party and give the whole Photo-a-Day challenge a go! To keep myself accountable, and to have a log of the images I take, each Thursday I'm posting the week's images. I'd love to see yours, so if you are doing it (on your blog, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, anything!) just link up in the comments and let me see!

I'm always running late, so it doesn't surprise me that I'm late to this party too. For months I've seen these Photo-a-Day challenges flitting about, first on Pinterest and then, as bloggers began to take part more and more, I saw them popping up all over my Twitter and Instagram feeds. The idea? There's a word or phrase for each day of the month, and you have to photograph something that represents that word or phrase to you.