Anna Wootton

Up, up and away – the importance of taking your vacation days

Today I’m off on vacation!

My mother, my sister, my brother-in-law, my niece and I are all off to England to celebrate my grandmother’s 80th birthday and my uncle’s 50th. It’s been two years since my last trip, and it was on my last trip that I came up with the idea of starting a blog at all. So from there it’s been Guiltless & Gourmet, The Guiltless Life and now Your Healthy Place…what a journey!

Vacations are so important – I’m always blown away at how often people don’t take their vacation days. Studies have shown that up to 70% of people do not take all their vacation days each year. People! We don’t get that many to start with on this side of the world – in fact, 2 weeks is the common starting vacation allowance in the corporate workplace in North America.

It’s so important to take some time for some R&R, whether it’s on your own, with your spouse or partner, or with family. Have a ‘staycation’ if you can’t afford an overseas trip and book yourself into a local hotel for a night or two, or just book some time off work and stay home with the kids! Your performance at work will improve and you will feel so refreshed. You owe it to yourself, so do it!

For right now, if you have the midweek blues, take a mini-break at your desk and do this awesome Tara Stiles chair yoga routine:

Tara Stiles Chair Yoga


Programming on the blog will continue as normal while I’m away  .


  • Do you make sure you take all of your allotted vacation time every year?

PS: I’m back! And have some photos to share from the trip – England had its coldest March in 60+ years so we were snowed in for a large part of our trip!

The backyard of our AirBnB AFTER the cold weather had passed!
My mom at Buckingham Palace
My sister, niece and me in Haddon Hall
My grandmother and her great-granddaughter meet for the first time!