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I have a delicious and easy dinner for you guys today, as promised on Wednesday, - but before I get started, it's June 1st, so I have to wish my big sister Katherine a happy birthday! Our family is strange - her birthday is June 1st, mine is July 1st and my parents were married (before they had kids, mind you) on August 1st. Funny how that all worked out...! (No, none of our births were scheduled either!) This is Katherine's last birthday before she has a little one running around (she's due in late July) so make the most of it Katherine!

Because I can't have dairy, gluten products or much of anything else on this cleanse, I'm posting a recipe I made just before Christmas that I never got around to posting and that I can now only DREAM of...sigh! This is a three-cheese artichoke lasagna that was creamy, tasty and filling. It is the ideal comfort meal and while I can't think of any way to make a three-cheese lasagna vegan and not sacrifice the taste, I can certainly offer a gluten-free option by simply using rice pasta (which I have done, and it's great!). Also, using lowfat cheese and milk instead of cream really helps to keep the stats looking good. And the cheese helps to provide a huge hit of protein - 28g a slice!