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A number of you requested that I blog about my experience having laser eye surgery, and – 7 weeks after my surgery date to the day – I am FINALLY getting around to writing this post. This is going to be LONG. Most people who wanted me to write it did so because they are thinking of having LASIK or PRK and I know from experience that you want detail when you’re reading posts about the surgery (as I read a lot before mine!), so that explains the length. To try to keep it a little bit shorter, I have split it into 2 parts – this one, about the procedures and my surgery day, and then another post next week re: my recovery. I have a good reason for why it took so long for me to write this. I had PRK surgery – it is important for you to note that this is NOT LASIK and thus my experience will be very different from someone who undergoes LASIK surgery (I’ll touch on that briefly in a second).