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As the weather is getting warmer my breakfast tastes are moving away from my many oatmeal loves towards something a little - well, cooler. I've always been a cereal fan but I have been on a great kick lately of incorporating healthy fats and proteins in my diet and cereal only tends to give me ... well, carbs. So in the spirit of keeping my good ol' macronutrient balance on the right track, I set about with the task of making a healthy granola.

If you've been a part of the blogosphere for a while - either as a blogger or as a reader - you've no doubt heard of oats in a jar. If you haven't, you'll be so glad you read this post, because now you have! Oats in a jar basically refers to a neat trick to make yourself the yummiest oats ever. When your nut butter is nearly out (i.e. you have to scrape the sides of the jar to get any goodness), just pour your breakfast oats into the jar and eat straight from there. The heat from the oats will melt the remaining butter and mix it in with your oatmeal and - trust me - it tastes AMAZING.