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For my first guest poster, I am so excited to introduce you to Char of Char's Kitchen! I'm sure many of you know her; she's certainly been on my blogroll for a while :). Char lives just a ferry ride away from me on Vancouver Island (big up BCers!) and is a fellow animal-friendly cat-lover like myself. Her spirit is adorable and I love reading her blog for delicious recipes that seriously impress. I actually made this oatmeal the morning after I received this post from Char and I can vouch for it - it is AWESOME. As you know I. Love. Oatmeal...and often post varieties of oatmeal flavours (I have a vacation-inspired tropical oatmeal recipe coming up for you on Friday!). This is being added to my breakfast rotation for sure (you don't even have to know or have had a Nanaimo bar to enjoy this, I promise, but if you haven't heard of a Nanaimo bar - seriously, Google it). Enjoy and thank you Char! Anna xxx