Anna Wootton

It’s Not an Eating Disorder, It’s a Lifestyle Disorder…

This post was originally published as a guest post on InSpiral Coaching.

Imagine this scenario for a moment: you’re sitting at home on a Friday night without any plans to go out. You’ve had a long week and it’s Friday – you deserve a treat. You break off a square of chocolate and enjoy it as a treat. But when you’re finished, you want more. You resist for a while but you can’t sit on the couch and last the whole night without a few more trips to the kitchen to break off a few more squares – maybe you even cave and down the whole bar in one go.

Sound familiar?

You may think you have an eating disorder. I’m a binger. I need to go to Overeaters Anonymous. I’m gross, weak, fat, I have no willpower… any or all of these thoughts may be running through your mind. The truth? You probably have a lifestyle disorder. What does this mean? It means you could be using that chocolate to fill a void in your life. But finding out what that void is can take a bit of investigation, and that is where a health & lifestyle coach can help.

Sometimes it takes an objective eye to call you on your lifestyle lapses. Where is your lifestyle failing you? Remember, it’s not your fault. There are no pointing fingers or laying blame! It’s just that if I can help you get to the root of what’s going on sooner; then we can make the magic happen sooner. Once the root cause of your mindless eating has been identified, that’s 75% of the work done!

My personal philosophy is that most voids are best filled with fun. A fun, exciting life is what most of us want  – and yet all too often we are turning to food to provide this fun for us because, hey, it’s the easiest and cheapest way to get a kick outta life! And food really CAN be fun, so I get it. But when we start overusing this as a source of entertainment, that’s when the trouble starts.

My coaching services work on refocusing your perspective so that you are living the invigorating, fun and inspiring life you were meant to lead, with complete and total freedom from food and – yes – natural, sustainable and healthy weight loss as a result.