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Guest Post: I Heart Wellness on Manifesting Amazingness!

Hi all! I am really excited about today’s guest post. I LOVE Kris from I Heart Wellness, as she spreads her words of wisdom through her upbeat, positive and fun blog. From guiltless treats (my faves!) to life-changing words, she is the guru I rely on on a daily basis for some inspiration in my life! So I asked her if she would put together a lovely inspirational post that would fit perfectly with things I like to share in my Ponder section. Take some time to give this post a read today and see if it changes your outlook! It sure did mine :).

Anna xx

Hey dolls, Kris here from and I’m beyond blessed to be sprinkling my words all over our gorgeous friend Anna’s blog!

First off, I want you to know a couple things about me…..

  1. I am overly passionate about Treating Responsibly. This means stevia rocks my friggin socks off and I create low GI, healthy treats on a daily basis.
  2. Mindset, Power and Passion are what I share as my profession. Yes, I am thaaaaat professional. Not.

So when I was asked to write a guest post I decided I would share a post with you that I think will change your life, or at least your day after reading.

Everyone has always said “It’s all in your head” every time you shared your fear, worry or doubt with a loved one or friend…I would always run to mom with a fear that I would have at a very young age and she would dismiss my overreacting ways and scrunched up brow by saying these famous words – “Kris, its all in your pretty little head.”

I would get so frustrated and storm off stomping my feet in a 12 year old rage.  “How is it just in my head??  Don’t people SEE that I’m hurting, that I’m in turmoil or stress??”  

It wasn’t until I was in my mid 20s did I understand what everyone had been telling me during my growing up years…

My life changed the day I watched the movie The Secret.  My life changed even MORE when I watched it 15 times in a week and saw that what I thought about I brought about!  As my day would go on I would be in a sweat seeing that my worry, fears and anxiety that I lived with were really showing up in my external world because of my thoughts!  How could this be?!  Were people onto me??  Was I crazy??

I started doing a “Mindset Challenge” with my hunky man.  For 30 days straight we visualized only what we wanted in life.  I visualized a puppy, more money, a new car, and was VERY SPECIFIC with each item.  This was just my “test”.  Just to see if I really was a powerful magnet or just a gal working in insurance having the life sucked out of her.

As the 30 days went on, my boyfriend said, “I will buy you a puppy IF you can find a purebred for under $250.”  He laughed thinking this would never happen.

I visualized, I set the intentions and I left it to the universe to deliver.

No joke, a week later a call came  in from my mom saying her friend is going through a divorce and they have three little wiener dogs they must sell and fast. I drove out there in a hurry to meet my future little brown love, Hudson.  “How much?” I asked as Hudson waddled up to me and sat on my foot, his floppy brown ears too big for his body dusted the floor as he walked…

“$250,” the seller said.


Hudson cried the whole way home as I screamed “What the f*** did I just do?!”

Copyright to I Heart Wellness

As years went on I DOVE hardcore into this mindset stuff, reading every self-help book I could find, started seeing a Life Coach and really wanted to turn my old beliefs that I was raised with right around. I was obsessed with becoming great and getting my broke ass out of my rut into something that would change lives, including mine.

My life changed so fast after I pulled up my own wounds, loved on them and really started seeing life through a lens of Possibility opposed to Worry and Fear. I visualized daily and really connected to the power within to attract the life I knew I deserved to live.

This was hard for me to actually see that I was DESERVING of a better life.  I grew up with a life of struggle, fear and in a house that working for a corporation with good benefits was a must. I just found it wasn’t fulling my inner passion of helping others.

As my life continues to turn, so does the life of others. I now am able to coach people on how to live the life of their dreams, I share health and freedom with people all over, and I’m here to do that with you today!

Are you ready to turn your life around??

Here are some simple steps that I applied daily that allowed me to feel free and manifest amazingness!

1. Visualize!!  – Visualize EVERYTHING that you want to attract into your life.  When I do my sessions, I sit listening to music and I see myself in my perfect day!  Sometimes I’m rocking out a 200+ workshop for women, sometimes I’m baking, sometimes I’m buying all new Louis Vuitton handbags and LOVING it.  A girls gotta do what a girls gotta do.

The KEY to visualizing is to do it daily for 30 days {mark it off on your calendar} and FEEL the emotion behind living your dream day!

Every time I visualize, I’m in tears.  Thats how powerful this is!

2. Be Grateful!!  – Live the Attitude of Gratitude my friend!  You can’t bring in more until you are grateful for what you have!  Make a list daily or go over a list in your head for everything that you are loving in your life.

If you feel a blah day coming on, nip it in the bud with your gratitude list.

You can never be angry when in the state of gratitude, try it, I dare ya 😉

3.  Help Others!!  – The universe always gives back what you give out!!  If you’re giving a dollar to the gal behind you in Starbucks because she’s short on her coffee, know that you will get that dollar, if not 2, back a bit later!

Also remember the universe doesn’t know time, so don’t think this is all a “waste of time” if you don’t see that new BMW in your driveway by tomorrow… there is always a time for everything!!  DO NOT dig up your seeds!!!!!

When you visualize you are planting seeds, each seed has a gestation period!!

I know in my heart that you can achieve anything that you can physically and mentally seeing yourself doing, you deserve it!

Thoughts Become Things!!  Change that pattern that is in your head!

Thank you so much for letting me chat today, I really loved it!!

Come visit me at anytime 🙂

Comment below!  Have you ever visualized before??

To Your Glam Life,



  • March 22, 2012

    Great post Kris!

  • March 22, 2012


    I loved today’s guest post! I am a firm believer in what Kris shared with us today. It’s always nice to be reminded of the power of visualization. Have a great day everyone!

  • March 22, 2012

    I wish I had the energy Kris has! I suppose if I visualize it, I will have it, right? I am ever so guilty of living life through eyes clouded with fear and worry. I suppose it’s time to put on a new pair of glasses and visualize the life I want!