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True story: in a reference letter that my high school Business Studies teacher wrote for my college application, she put: "I have never met anyone as freakishly organized as Anna." That statement tormented me for a while as I tried to work out whether this was a compliment or not. She was known for writing pretty encouraging college reference letters, so I had to hope that even if it wasn't meant as a personal compliment, it would help my application. But still...I can't deny it. I like things to be organized, and I am a bit anal about it at times. I think I'm still on this side of being OCD...but ask me in a few years, maybe it'll keep getting worse :). Either way, we're moving next weekend (YAY!) to a place with a water view and...drum roll please...a larger closet for me! I get a larger bedroom too, but I am most excited about the closet. It's about 50% longer than the one I currently have, and deeper too. And at the moment, my current closet is all half-length (you know, there are two rails over each other so there's no place for full-length coats or dresses to hang). My new closet has a section for full-length items to hang, then two shorter sections and then shelves - all built in. Yay!