Veterans Day Tag

Today is an important day no matter where you live. In the US I believe it's called Veteran's Day, in the UK and Canada we know it as Remembrance Day (other names include Poppy Day and Armistice Day) - whatever you call it, the important message is to remember. Take a few moments today to think of the sacrifices made by our ancestors who fought in any of the numerous wars, and to think of those still fighting in the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq right now. Here in Canada we have a public holiday, and ceremonies are held throughout the country. At 11am we have two minutes of silence to pay our respects to those who have fallen while serving their country. We also wear poppies, positioned on the left side of our clothing so they are worn over our hearts. These are usually widely available after Halloween and are worn in the first weeks of November. I grew up in the Cayman Islands, which also commemorates Remembrance Day as it is a British territory (for how Cayman marks the occasion, click here). I really like the idea of public holidays as not just days for celebration (Fourth of July! Canada Day!) but also for solemn occasions, as they remind us to just take a moment out of our crazy, hectic go-go-go lives, to reflect. Reflection can be a good thing. I don't believe in living in the past but there is a lot to be said for having respect for where we've come from.