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I know I said I'd post a round-up of the salads I ate this month once I had completed my challenge, but I'm doing a lot of repetition and didn't want to post that many photos of salads, so I figured I may as well just do a quick round-up of the types of salads I've been eating so far. To remind you, I had decided to challenge myself to eat a salad a day in May. The benefits of this challenge?

  • Not having to think about what to have for lunch every day (a few days I had salad with dinner, but most of the time it was a quick and filling lunch)
  • Experimenting with new dressings, salad combos and flavours
  • Not worrying about whether or not I'm having enough veggies. Even if I didn't have a single other veggie besides the salad each day, I was still getting a ton in thanks to the size of these salad beasts!
  • I had more energy than usual, for sure, and I craved things like fresh fruit for 'dessert' rather than chocolate or other sweet treats