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Love Me Some LUNA

Look what came in the mail…!

Yummy, I love LUNA bars almost as much as I love getting mail. Okay, maybe slightly more.

I’ve eaten LUNA bars pretty religiously for a couple of years now. I first tried them back in high school but more recently, since becoming vegetarian and supplementing my diet with protein whenever I can, I have begun to buy these by the box every month. My favourite is the Nutz Over Chocolate flavour and I usually just buy a box of those because I know I like the flavour.

So, while the kind people over at CLIF were generous enough to include a couple of my favourite flavour, they also encouraged me to step out of my comfort zone by trying a couple of other flavours. One of their most popular is Lemon Zest, and they also sent me their Toasted Nuts’n’Cranberry as well. Another flavour I’m sure I would love is Chocolate Chunk, ever since I saw Katie blog about it over at Healthy Diva Eats, but sadly that flavour is only available in the US at present. You lucky things, you! Next time I head over the border into Washington state I will be picking up a box of those. You can’t go wrong with a flavour like Chocolate Chunk, and if Katie loves them then that’s good enough for me!

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LUNA bars have many benefits. Some?

  • They’re great snack bars for vegetarians because they are fortified with B vitamins, calcium, soy protein and a whole host of other vitamins (the ones most important to me are definitely the B group!). It is like a supplement in a very tasty bar.
  • Although it’s good for you, its taste is so sinfully good that they are perfect for that 3pm crash when your body just wants a chocolate bar.
  • They’re sweetened with naturals sweeteners, such as brown rice syrup, so they don’t raise my blood sugar levels at all, and mine are a good test as I’m so sensitive to sugar!

Disclaimer: This review is not paid and the opinions are entirely my own! I’m just a bit of a LUNA fanatic…

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So I chopped up the bars and did some ‘blind tasting’ with a group of two women and two men (and me, but obviously my tasting wasn’t so blind).


  • the women all preferred Nutz Over Chocolate, followed by Toasted Nuts’n’Cranberry
  • the men all preferred Lemon Zest, also closely followed by Toasted Nuts’n’Cranberry
So I guess your favourite flavour mainly depends on your gender?…

I don’t know, I just know that when I’m having one of my low blood sugar crashes, these bars are the perfect ‘bag stuffer’ (think stocking stuffer!) to pull out in a crunch.

I have suffered from blood sugar crashes for a long time; they’re much better now that I remember to eat regularly and now that I avoid eating simple sugars as much as possible. But definitely if I let myself get hungry then all of a sudden I can feel shaky and weak and really irritable (I’m so much fun to be around then!) so I try to keep my blood sugar stable by snacking regularly.

Also, this past Thanksgiving weekend we were travelling and LUNA bars are the perfect travel snack – they’re allowed across borders too! (I’ve had too many apples confiscated from me to count!)


  • Have you tried LUNA bars before? If so, what is your favourite flavour?
  • Do you suffer from blood sugar issues, or have you in the past?