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GIVEAWAY: Snackin’ Sahale Style

Well, Christmas is coming up, so I figure that’s a good time for gift-giving, no? And it has been a few weeks since my last, so I think it’s time for another giveaway!

I was originally going to do this post as a vlog – I’ve seen some fellow bloggers putting up vlogs lately and I always love being able to see the person behind the blog. I often say to them, as if it’s some great surprise, “Wow, you’re a real person!”.

Well, I went so far as to even start filming the vlog for this post. I was talking about the Sahale Snacks I was sent and what I thought of them. The packet of mixed nuts I was talking about was sitting next to me on the desk.

Then, halfway through what I’m sure was a fascinating monologue about the sweetness and saltiness working so well together, the package fell off the desk, startling me so that I could only say: “Oh no, my nuts fell off.”

At that point I cracked up and ended the filming, deciding that maybe vlogs aren’t my forte.

Anyway, for now, let’s talk some more about those nuts, shall we?

Sahale Snacks is a company founded just over the border from me in Seattle, by two buddies who climbed Mt Rainier together and were none too impressed with the trail mixes and energy bars they had to keep them fuelled for their climb.

On returning to safe ground (I’m making that part up – they could have come up with the whole thing at the peak of Mt Rainier for all I know), they decided to launch their own line of snacks.

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You’ve probably seen these guys in the miniature packages sold by the checkout in Starbucks – at least, that’s where I recognized them from. However, since I received my sample I’ve noticed them everywhere (isn’t it weird how that happens? That used to happen to me with words I thought I’d never heard before and just learned the meaning of, and then I suddenly noticed they were used everywhere. So weird.). Anyway, my point is they are readily available in most major supermarkets or, of course, Starbucks. You can also pick them up on the Sahale Snacks website.

I was lucky enough to receive a huge package of the company’s brand-new flavour, Maple Pecans. It’s perfect timing that this flavour is coming out before the holidays because, as I ate it, I realized that this is the perfect snack to have sitting in a bowl in your home for when people stop by, or for when you are hosting or attending cocktail parties. It’s sweet enough to substitute as a light dessert for when dinner has you stuffed (which, as we know, happens a lot this time of year), yet with that saltiness and nuttiness to make them the perfect afternoon snack. This particular blend is a mix of pecans with walnuts, dried cherries and a cinnamon-maple coating that’s crunchy and yummy.

Sahale Snacks is kindly giving away one 15-oz package of the brand-new Maple Pecans mix to one lucky reader. Open to the US and Canada!

To enter, complete one or more of the following steps and RETURN here to leave a comment letting me know what you did. I can’t enter you if there’s no comment!

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Four chances to win per person!

Giveaway ends on Thursday, December 1 at 6:00 pm Pacific time. Winner announced on Friday, so check back!