When I first started working with Anna, I knew I needed to nourish my body and gain weight in order to sustain my health. Although I wanted to help my body move toward a healthy place, I felt dominated by calorie counting and habitual notions of when and what to eat, without listening to my body's needs. Within our first conversation, Anna assuaged my fears and I instantly trusted her to guide me on a personal journey toward a healthier place. Her calming and supportive attitude, coupled with her expertise and knowledge around healthy foods and frames of mind, has been invaluable in letting me navigate this journey in a way that feels tailored to my experience and desired pace.

Thanks to the progress we have made through our partnership, my fearful thoughts have drastically diminished and I am able to listen to my body’s hunger and satiety cues. Through Anna’s guidance and support, I now see social events, holidays, and vacations as opportunities for catching up with family and friends, meeting new people, exploring new places and enjoying new foods! The work we have done together has also helped me connect with my body and mind in new ways that have had a powerful and positive impact in other areas of my life, such as work and relationships, as well. Overall, our time together has led me to a place of gratitude for all aspects of life, including my health, and I feel so grateful to have worked with Anna to get to this healthy place.

Rachel, New York City