I just got through your introduction to Emotional Eating. WOW!!!!! You are SO on the money!!!
As far as me being an emotional person, I don’t stray far from the box of tissues! I cry at the drop of a hat lately. I’m talking soul-wrenching sobbing in some (most) cases. I cannot tolerate injustice of any sort. On the flipside, I am moved to these crying jags by the smallest acts of kindness. I do not read newspapers, watch the news, involve myself in politics or pledge myself to one opinion or another. I always try to see both sides of the coin.
I am trying to address what’s behind all of this. Yes, I DO eat to self-soothe. Then I berate myself for what I just did. It’s a vicious, vicious cycle and it has controlled me for too long. With all of my physical/emotional problems this is the one thing I cannot hide. I’ve ballooned up to 247 pounds over time! I need to get a grip and start a new regimen…I will be looking to your services as a map, a key, a new recipe for success.
I am in the midst of a great change. I have myriad health problems and have been on the lookout for a site that includes “holistic” in its name and content. I’m feeling very strong today. I don’t dislike myself as intensely as usual. I give YOU props for that! You’re right, when one door closes another opens. Couldn’t do one thing, so I did another and ‘found’ you. I’ll be checking in frequently if only to absorb your wonderful positivity! Thank you for giving people like me this opportunity.

- Kelly

Kelly, USA