I’ve been trying multiple protein muffin recipes but each one of them have turned out super hard and super dry and when I came across Anna’s recipe, I knew it would be hard and dry but the protein content! And low-carb! I went right in to my kitchen and got to work.

I tried the double chocolate protein muffins first and whoa!

1. Moist
2. Tastes insanely delicious
3. High protein
4. Low carb
5. I have to try the other flavors!

And I did, the banana nut was an instant hit in my house even though my family does not like whey protein and my mom hates banana but she loved it!
Apple maple walnut was an instant hit with my physio! He’s asked for more. Now I’m spending all my time in the kitchen trying Anna’s recipes from her book :-)
I’m waiting for you to come up with cookies and biscotti as well, please?

- Ankita Chawla

Ankita, Mumbai