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(Yes, I really want this book!) I need your help. All of you knowledgeable foodies out there! As I mentioned in last week's What I Ate Wednesday post, my naturopath has suggested I try out food combining to see if some minor symptoms I am having go away. I have looked into food combining and while it confuses me quite a bit, I am willing to give it a try. However, before I get into it I thought I would try a couple of other experiments first. I'm going to try giving up gluten for 3 weeks, and then introduce it back into my diet, and then try giving up dairy for 3 weeks. I could try them both at the same time but then I won't know which was bothering me (if any are).

People often think that those of us with "special" diets can't enjoy treats. To them I say, behold the LARABAR. LARABARs give you no worries. If you're vegan, no worries. If you eat a raw diet, no worries. If you're avoiding sugar, no worries. If you can't eat gluten or soy, no worries! They're really that awesome. Most flavours are under five ingredients of REAL food. Not chemicals or supplements, but pure food.