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Now that the Cannes Film Festival is officially over, I have rounded up my favourites from the photos that have emerged since my first Cannes fashion post last week. I know we all had fun picking our favourites, so let's do it all over again - what better on a Tuesday than fashion ogling, right??

Ah the Cannes Film Festival. This festival launched last Wednesday, 16 May, and runs till 27 May 2012 and gives the movie world a preview as to what the next critically acclaimed films are that could be possibilities for next year's Oscars. There are a lot of indie flicks too, that get exposure there but perhaps may not take off in the mainstream. It is generally considered at the top of the film festival circuit, in the same way the Oscars is at the top of the award ceremony circuit. So we get some great fashion. There are a lot of photocalls which, as far as I can tell (I am not a film festival expert so you can correct me if I am wrong on any of this!) consists of photoshoots of cast members for certain films, shot outside - usually on the beautiful waterfront - and in the daytime, so the outfits tend to be more daytime. Then there are the big red carpets for movie premieres, and the opening and closing ceremonies for the festival itself, which is where we get the gowns.