Chinese stirfry Tag

I know, I know, it's an oxymoron, 'homemade takeout'...I just thought I'd confuse you for a Friday morning ;). Before I get into our takeout recipe this week make sure you check the blog on Monday! That's right, it's time for The Great Food Blogger Cookie Swap 2011 recipe reveal! This is where I reveal the recipe I made for this year's first cookie swap that I participated in. I sent my cookies to a blogger in New York (I'll reveal who on Monday!) and should be receiving some goodies myself soon...I can't wait! For now, let's get you the best, healthiest Chinese takeout for your Friday night, shall we (for a fraction of the cost, sodium/fat/calories etc)? I'm lucky enough to live in Vancouver, with a really thriving Asian culture thanks to the large number of Asian immigrants. We have a huge Chinatown and the Asian food served here is the real deal. Sushi is like...$2 a roll and uses the freshest of ingredients and is made by people who grew up learning the art of making sushi. You really can't beat it. For that reason, I usually don't bother and have never really tried cooking sushi at home. Within ONE block of my apartment there are four sushi places! Some serve my favourite yam and avocado roll or veggie roll at $2.50 a roll. So...why bother, right?