How was everyone's April's Fool Day yesterday? No one got 'punked' too badly? It's so good to be back! Back to reading my favourite blogs and posting on the regular :). Hope you guys enjoyed some of the fab guest posts I had while away - many thanks to the guest posters:

I thought I'd just do a post with some photos from my vacay (apologies in advance that there aren't many people in the pics - I was able to convince my mom and my sister to let me post a couple of them but on the whole, people don't want their pictures blasted all over the Internet, which I get! So I put some with me in to keep it interesting, but otherwise it's just pretty scenery!).

I'm in the air as you read this (well, possibly. I don't know when you're reading this after all!) But yes, today I am headed home for two weeks in the sun. I haven't been home in two years, as last year my big vacation was to England to see my grandmother and extended family. But Cayman has been calling my name for a long time and finally I get to answer it! Yup, that photo above is the beautiful Seven Mile Beach (which is actually six miles, but 'seven' apparently sounded better!) that runs along the western coast of my tiny island haven. It's beautiful and fantastic for walking, running etc. I plan on doing a lot of paddle boarding, kayaking, diving, beach strolling and some yoga at a studio back home run by a couple of friends of mine.

Get it? Other Greek goods...other Greek gods? Okay, maybe I was reaching a bit. Anyway, on that road trip I talked about yesterday for the long weekend, we visited our host's favourite local restaurant in Penticton, Theo's Restaurant, which touts itself as "fun Greek dining". I agree!