Pilaf-Stuffed Acorn Squash

I've been confused by a few things this past weekend. For example, how does ice freeze like this, when it's lying flat in the freezer? Please some science genius email me and explain this because it's baffling. Also, photography has been confusing me no end. More specifically, the lighting of my photography lately. As winter…
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November Goals…and Reviewing October’s!

Source It's that time again! The beginning of a new month and the chance to set some more goals while also checking out last month's and seeing how we did. This month's theme is about accepting that we are all 'works in progress'. We probably always will be because, after all, no one is perfect.…
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Anna’s Asian Lettuce Wraps

One of my favourite things to order out has always been Chinese lettuce wraps. Wraps are one of the few things I can almost guarantee will still be healthy even once they've been cooked by a restaurant (why do they always want to overload things with butter, salt or sugar??). Having said that, even the…
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