The Essential Vegetarian Food List: What’s In My Pantry

Pictured: One of my favourite snacks/breakfasts ever - my acai bowl. Add protein powder and top with superfoods and it's a winner. To make it super easy, here are the superfoods and protein powders I recommend, along with other pantry essentials for a healthy vegetarian, pescetarian, flexitarian, anything-a-tarian! If you've been looking at the ultimate…
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A weekend in Europe: Amsterdam Travel Tips

Get ready for a few of our top Amsterdam travel trips! We had the opportunity to tag a weekend in a European city along to our annual trips home. With Noel-John being from Ireland and me having extended family in England, we both would go to visit every year, and when we got together and…
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A 2017 Update :)

Hi! Seeing as the last blog post, "An Update", was dated 2013, we thought it was time for a new one. My last website,, was hacked in early 2017 and the content was lost. I had back-ups of my old blog, The Guiltless Life, with recipes and fashion posts and the like, but they…
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