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The Essential Vegetarian Food List: What’s In My Pantry

Pictured: One of my favourite snacks/breakfasts ever - my acai bowl. Add protein powder and top with superfoods and it's a winner. To make it super easy, here are the superfoods and protein powders I recommend, along with other pantry essentials for a healthy vegetarian, pescetarian, flexitarian, anything-a-tarian! If you've been looking at the ultimate…
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New Year’s Detox Update

Hi all! Who else is going through a detox or cleanse right now? It's a really popular thing to do post-Christmas season, of course, and I've spoken to so many people doing one right now! I don't want to put my stamp of approval on all of them because all cleanses are not created equal,…
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Christmas Round-Up…and New Year Thoughts

This Christmas I didn't take many photos, so forgive me! Above is the wonderful fire at our place in Calgary. Unfortunately, Christmas got off to a bit of a bum start as we had issues with our landlords (including no oven for 4 days, no heating for 4 days etc) that led to us having…
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Vegan ‘Cream’ of Tomato Soup

This is my favourite flavour of soup. Whenever it's the soup of the day in a restaurant, I have to order it. I must have had hundreds of different varieties of tomato soup at various restaurants! But my favourite is a tomato bisque - or a cream of tomato soup. Growing up, we got Heinz…
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