Monthly Archives: February 2012

WIAW: Leap Day Edition

Happy Leap Day! Today is the 29th February - a day we only get once every four years. So enjoy it! My day was disappointingly low on protein, but I was busy and on the go today so it was all about eating what I could when I could. If I had been home more,…
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Oscar Party Eats – Part 1

I had a couple of friends over to watch the Oscars on Sunday night and I put together a - very cheesy - spread of eats. The above photo was posted on my Instagram on Sunday, with the caption: "Yes, I am THAT lame. #Oscarpartiesbringoutmyinnerdork". Still, I had fun trying to come up with puns for…
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Academy Awards 2012 Fashion

It happened! At last! Did you watch? What did you think of the winners? I haven't seen The Artist but everyone I know who has has reported back to me that it's amazing, so it makes sense that it swept the night (it won Best Picture, Best Actor - Jean Dujardin, Best Director - Michel…
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Double Chocolate Oatmeal

If you want to continue enjoying the pancake load I thrust on you earlier this week, do so. I have it in good faith (aka Mama Pea), that this week is Pancake Week. So forget about Tuesday being Pancake Day. Let's just do it the whole darn week, shall we? However, if you're in the…
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