Monthly Archives: November 2011

WIAW: Snacks and Soup!

This is everything in my WIAW. A lot...a lot of snacky things. Looking at this made me realize what I had only half noticed otherwise: I'm in a really snacky mood lately. You know how sometimes it takes writing down what you do every day to notice behavioural patterns? I am now noticing how, this past…
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GIVEAWAY: Snackin’ Sahale Style

Well, Christmas is coming up, so I figure that's a good time for gift-giving, no? And it has been a few weeks since my last, so I think it's time for another giveaway! I was originally going to do this post as a vlog - I've seen some fellow bloggers putting up vlogs lately and…
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Three Ways to Sparkle This Holiday Season!

Source Holiday season is upon us! Parties, soirees, get-togethers, family all offers the opportunity to play dress up. C'mon, we all know that at this time of year we have way more license to sparkle! There can never be too much sparkle at Christmas time :). In the spirit of pushing our own fashion…
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